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AHS responds to COVID-19 vaccine news

Since the vaccine won’t allow things to go back to normal immediately, and there will be some time until most people have access to it, Heritage plans to see how things work out and decide from there. … Keep Reading

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Reasons to be positive in 2021

2020 was probably one of the worst years mankind has ever lived to see. However, the dawn of 2021 is now upon us, giving everyone a reason to be optimistic and have a positive outlook on what the new year … Keep Reading


POC: What it means to me

In a world of heightened racial tensions, a greater variety of terms and information denoting certain groups variety is emerging. As a term that serves to combine all minorities as one, is POC, people of color, an effective term? … Keep Reading


Memes: How far is too far?

Memes dominate much of social media, with even meme accounts dedicated to create the next most popular meme. Yet, are these truly beneficial to society or do they just divert attention away from serious issues? … Keep Reading

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Inclusivity in emojis

Now for 2021, the Unicode has released skin color options for couple, kissing and family emojis, as well as non-binary and female emojis with beards. … Keep Reading

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Spring sports preview

Here are the remaining spring sports not previewed in the latest issue of The Patriot Post, covered by Sammy Rosenthal (boys and girls lacrosse) and Joseph Richards (track and field, weightlifting, softball and boys volleyball). … Keep Reading


Winter sports recap

Here are the remaining winter sports not recapped in the latest issue of The Patriot Post, covered by Sammy Rosenthal (boys soccer) and Joseph Richards (girls soccer, boys basketball and ice hockey). … Keep Reading

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