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MUN team illuminates at ILMUNC

Taking their public speaking skills to Philadelphia, the Model United Nations (MUN) team showcased their abilities at the highly competitive Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC). Held Jan. 30 to Feb. 2 at the University of Pennsylvania, ILMUNC hosted … Keep Reading


Library’s sign-in system signs out

Students may wonder why every time they step into the library, whether for two minutes or two hours, they are required to sign in. The simplest explanation is that this sign-in system works as a precautionary measure. … Keep Reading


Seizing the scholastic side

Students from across Broward County submitted pieces from a variety of categories to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in mid-December in hopes of receiving recognition for their creative talents. After a panel of judges reviewed all the submissions, the … Keep Reading

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Equal play does not mean equal pay

According to a study conducted by Athlete Assessments, 40% of people involved in professional sports are women. However, their sporting events only make up around six to eight percent of televised and media coverage. … Keep Reading


Reshaping our conscious

With so many distractions constantly clouding our lives, just sitting down and living in the moment remains a challenge. A conscious lifestyle can help you make intuitive decisions leaving you excited and able to live the life you desire. … Keep Reading

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Living a single life on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may mean greetings with roses and heart shaped chocolates. Although many interpret it as a day to focus on their relationships, for the single people out there, this article will explain how you can go it alone. … Keep Reading


Making an (app)earance

Last month, Florida representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz chose Riffle as the winner of the Congressional App Challenge in Florida’s 23rd district … Keep Reading


Politicizing Heritage

Politicizing the school’s name began in April 2018 when a student started the Instagram account @AHS_conservatives, posting conservative political memes to get their message across. … Keep Reading

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