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Shining at Sunvite

Traveling around the corner to neighbor private school NSU University School, the Speech and Debate team brought thirty students to compete at the tournament. In a pool with hundreds of national competitors, Heritage students earned recognition at the Nova Sunvitational … Keep Reading


In the zone at In The Game

In the spirit of stress-relief before midterms, the Junior High Student Government Association (JH SGA) organized a trip for 25 students during eighth and ninth period at In The Game arcade at Sawgrass Mills Mall Dec. 9. … Keep Reading


Fostering a better holiday season

Friends For Fosters, a charity started by senior Kristen Quesada and her older sister, Heritage alumna Katherine Quesada, aims to help those less fortunate receive gifts and necessities during the winter season. This year, their goal to spread holiday cheer … Keep Reading


Sixth Pre-Professional program opens

After more than 20 years of offering computer science classes, Heritage unveiled the official track this year. Though still a work in progress, students now have the option to focus on computer science. … Keep Reading

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Battle of the college majors

In a society heavily embedded with competition, students may find it difficult to focus on themselves and refrain from comparing grades, test scores and awards with those of their peers. This sense of validation through comparison extends beyond components of … Keep Reading

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Effective cramming, crammed into three steps

With midterms in the not-so-distant future, students may start to realize just how much they procrastinated studying for them. While cramming doesn't produce the most effective study results, using one of these methods may make cramming a little more helpful. … Keep Reading


Gender in the modern day

Genderqueer is an adjective describing people who do not conform with society’s idea of gender and identify as neither, both or a combination of genders. More institutions and products are being made to support genderqueer and gender-fluid people. … Keep Reading


Killing it with The Killers

Holding up a sign asking band The Killers “Can I Play Drums on ‘For Reasons Unknown?’,” Verebay had hopes of rocking out with the band at the Riptide Music Festival Nov. 23. … Keep Reading

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