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Now that we’re entering summertime and not allowed to leave the house due to quarantine, it’s easy to fall into a trap of monotonous scrolling. Taking a break is completely valid, but that doesn’t mean you should scroll without receiving some benefits. Here are 10 TikTok accounts you should follow to better your timeline.

1. @collegecash on TikTok (@collegecashus on Instagram)

Run by 18-year-old Alessandro De La Torre, College Cash is set on eliminating student loan debt. Every day the teen posts a video with a bit.ly link to a scholarship.

2. @ any college you are interested in applying to

Following any of the colleges you are interested in on any social media platform helps you learn more about the school. The information they share may be helpful for your supplements that ask why you chose their school. Information may also help you realize you aren’t the best fit for their school. Try to follow unofficial school accounts as well as official school accounts. Official accounts may help you show a form of demonstrated interest, but unofficial accounts will help you see how the student body truly acts.

Popular TikToks: @uf @ucla

Unofficial accounts: @nyumfsbt

3. @ publications of the foreign language you are learning

To help you learn a language, try to follow accounts of people who live in a place where that language is the native language or accounts dedicated to teaching that specific language. If you follow people who live in France when you’re trying to learn French, you may be able to learn more about French culture as well.

Example: @studyfrench for French

4. @selfmademillenial

Run by enthusiastic Madeline Mann, this millennial gives tips on how to get jobs and caters to all audiences from middle school to graduate school.

5. @smarterinasec

This TikTok and Instagram account teaches quick tips on getting money or fun facts. Learn more while scrolling with this account.

6. @everydaylaw

Seanie, Esq. teaches the law through dancing videos that feature facts popping up on every beat. 

7. @onlinekyne

Kyne, a drag queen who will compete in Canada’s next season of Drag Race, teaches math and riddles. This queen also has a YouTube video featuring fashion how-tos. Kyne knows how to teach math in a way that is interesting, simplified and sparkly.

8. @letsgetahead

This account gives tips on college applications and even answers DMs when you have specific questions.

9. @internmakers

Mariana Briones and Alejandro Davilam help teach students how to get online internships in the summer of COVID and how to best handle internships.

10. @kelly_appworkshop

Kelly Chester, a Columbia alumna, sends out tips about writing the college personal statement as well as how to handle resumes and more.

Bella Ramirez, senior, is a Marvel fanatic and hardworking leader. Ramirez leads Key Club and French Honors Society with a hope to inspire thinking globally and acting with kindness. She also runs le Congrès de la Culture Français en Floride’s (CCFF) social media accounts and is in charge of international publication Pressing the Future. Her passion for creativity continues through her filmmaking ventures such as “The Adventures of Mister Perfect and Friends,” the charity film with all proceeds going to Project Alive. Ramirez is excited for the upcoming year of The Patriot Post and is honored to lead the print publication to new heights with her wonderful staff.

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