2017 Speech Topics released

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Each year, students in grades 9-11 must research, write and deliver a speech in their English classroom between three and 10 minutes in length for class credit. This year’s questions (used for the basis of the informational research paper) will be thoroughly researched and explained. Then, students will select a side for speech.

Final 2017 speech topics:

  1. Should teachers be paid based on student performance on standardized tests?

  2. Do students learn as effectively with ebooks vs traditional paper texts?

  3. Should a free four-year college education be available to everyone living in the US?

  4. Should historical buildings be preserved?

  5. Should the US change to a standard tax rate for all workers?

  6. Should all public arenas, and/or theaters, amphitheaters, clubs have metal detectors and security guards at the entrances?

  7. Should greater restrictions and punishments be implemented for those involved in the Florida exotic pet trade?

  8. Should weapons be allowed on college campuses?

  9. As more research is being done into the effects of concussions, should school-age children be prevented from playing certain sports?

  10. Should restrictions be placed on marketing that targets children?

  11. Should the United States open federally protected lands and waters to oil well drilling?

  12. Is there a need for stricter guidelines in campaign financing?

  13. Should the use of fracking to extract oil and natural gas be expanded?

  14. Should all candidates for state and national office be required to release their tax forms?

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