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March 2018

Photos: Emma Gellman

New York students standing with South Florida

Drinking coffee on an early winter morning at Columbia University while waiting for our first lecture for Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA), we never expected to witness a walkout at a cathedral in New York. We were taken by surprise that so many students so far from South Florida cared about the fight for student safety. Keep Reading

Photo: MGN Online

A recap on school security

To ease students’ minds, high school principal Mrs. Elise Blum and head of security and ex-FBI employee Joe Cicini held an assembly first period from March 5 to March 7 focusing on the school’s current security measures and the upgrades that are to come, also allowing students to ask their own questions. Mrs. Blum and Mr. Cicini offered plenty of information. Keep Reading

Photo: Joanne Haner
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Students gather during lunch to make their voices heard

Seniors Min-kyu Kim, Zihan Kabir, Zachary Spicer, Alec Chao, Aditya Bafna, David Min and Andrew Bass were busy spreading the word about a safe alternative to the walkout. Only planned the day before, the group tried to notify as many students as possible about the plan for students to gather at the bleachers by the football field during lunch to show their support for Stoneman Douglas. Keep Reading

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