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March 2018 - page 2

Photo: Mrs. Celine Guillerm

Students take on annual statewide Congrès

Everyday, students learn the French language in a comfortable environment. However, 30 French Honor Society members were able to put their French speaking skills to the test at the competitive Congrès de la Culture Française en Floride (The State of Florida French Competition) March 8-10 at the DoubleTree Universal Orlando Hotel. Keep Reading

Photos: Mrs. Leya Joykutty

Science fair district winners headed to state competition

One may not expect to see a district science fair competition taking place when entering Broward Mall, but this was the case Feb. 9. Various junior and senior high students took their projects and their A-game to the mall to compete in the science fair with projects they have been working on for months. The junior high competition took place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., while the senior high students participated from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Keep Reading

Photo: Amber Bhutta

Pre-Med society hosts 5k for a Better Day

For nearly 12 months, Pre-Med officers and members hunted for sponsors, recruited runners and promoted the event. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Runners Club assisted in organizing the logistics for the 5k, with Pre Med officers acting as liaisons between it and those participating in the event. Keep Reading

Photo: The Chronicle

Teachers should not be allowed to carry concealed weapons

Administration has implemented a variety of precautionary measures, most notably the addition of police scattered across campus throughout the day. However, many schools across the country are unable to support police service all day, leaving a hole in the safety of many schools across the country. Keep Reading

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