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Art Miami and Art Basel sweep Miami

Basel, the main attraction of Art Miami, was held in the Miami Convention Center from Dec. 5 to Dec. 9. Since opening in Miami in 2002, Basel has attracted over 70,000 visitors each year during its annual four-day stay in Miami. Keep Reading


On the 21st day of Christmas, scholarships brought to me…

With Winter Break coming in full swing for everyone Dec. 22, some people are scrambling to figure out how to spend their two weeks off. Well, if you are in search of making some money over the slightly breezy two weeks, there are thousands of scholarships available for application during your staycation or plane rides. Keep Reading


Cue the quizzical questions

Rather than studying for midterms or attending holiday parties, the quiz bowl team spent their weekend at the Ransom Everglades National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) Invitational. Keep Reading


We unknowingly contribute to the stress culture

Stress is a mindset that we encourage, albeit unknowingly. We compare how much coffee we have had or how few hours we slept last night. We compete regarding who is most stressed and who deserves the most sympathy for sacrificing their sleep and lives to their work. Keep Reading

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