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September 2020


Banning Tik Tok

Tik Tok, the mobile app that has captivated people across all age groups, especially teenagers, might be getting banned from American markets. This threat of a possible banishment has been repeated many times this year, especially during the summer, alarming both creators and viewers alike. Keep Reading


Competitions amidst the pandemic

However, with competitions being one of the major aspects of AHS, several clubs that were once heavily involved in competitions across the state and country, are now put in a tough position. Keep Reading


Examining the inhumanity of ICE

To protect basic human rights, these ICE containment centers should be abolished. ICE has turned into a physical manifestation of the xenophobia and racism that plagues the United States and is utterly unacceptable. Keep Reading


Streaming during a pandemic

As quarantine continues, more streaming platforms have either released content in replacement of movie theater versions or just simply released content earlier. Here are some of the most popular shows and movies that have been released on streaming platforms. Keep Reading

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