5 reasons why Cyber Monday beats Black Friday

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Heavy traffic, pictured above at Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, ranks high on the list of obstacles on Black Friday. (Photo/Noor Sukkar)

Following the day of giving thanks, the infamous Black Friday has evolved into a chaotic money mission rather than a day of deals. In recent years, technology has brought on the rise of Cyber Monday online with perks that put Black Friday to shame. The following list points out some of the many reasons for Cyber Monday’s superiority relative to my experience.

  1. Prices/Better Deals

The first, and debatably most convincing point of Cyber Monday’s superiority over black Friday, is the better savings. While in-store offers many good discounts, online sites usually offer an extra percentage off over the original discount. For example, Nike’s website offers an additional 25% off on already marked down sale items. In store, however, customers would just get sale item prices. Ted Donath, vice president of communications for the coupon and discount-shopping browser extension, Honey, said, “When comparing the two days last year, we noticed more savings on Cyber Monday, as consumers shifted their purchasing channels online. Honey’s research showed that last year’s Cyber Monday average savings (per user, per purchase) peaked at 21%, while Black Friday savings peaked at 18.5%.”

  1. Cut the Chaos

One of the biggest stereotypes around Black Friday is the commotion it causes. Stores, malls and plazas usually become packed with cars and customers trying to get their hands on a good deal. In the past, the big crowds mixed with anticipation and frustration have caused numerous incidents all over the nation. This past Black Friday, a fight broke out between two acquaintances and a person was left shot and wounded at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York, causing the mall to temporarily close for that day. Over at Mayfield Mall in Wisconsin, multiple videos recorded a physical altercation that a 24-year old woman instigated. These upsetting incidents and altercations show the very reason why it’s better to shop online and at home, avoiding unnecessary altercations, and quite possibly, injuries. Here is the video of the incident.

  1. Stock/Variety of Products

The whole hype around Black Friday comes with the mindset of being the first to get your hands on products. Customers may become crazed due to the idea of stock selling out in stores before they get to them. In my personal experience, within a few hours, stores’ popular products run out fast. This problem does not arise as often online as stock amd styles are explicitly given. In store, customers may have to scavenge to find their right size, if there are any left at all. Online proves more convenient due to the fact that the manufacturers’ supply is available rather than only what is physically present in the store.

  1. Save Time

Saving time might be the most obvious perk on Cyber Monday’s list of attributes. Online carts eliminate long lines at the register and foot traffic at shopping centers. With multiple tabs open, customers can maximize their savings scrolling from store to store rather than having to physically get from one place to another. This way, shoppers can compare deals side by side on a screen at ease rather than be unaware of what each store offers being at one place at a time. Clearly, the online experience of Cyber Monday proves more efficient than the physical task of Black Friday.

  1. Better time between holidays

Lastly, and most importantly, it’s important to discuss the frowned upon irony in Black Friday’s timing and nature. Thanksgiving ideals of giving thanks and gratitude is thrown out the window when the public ravages for deals within a few hours of having a peaceful dinner with friends and family. In some instances, stores even open early Thanksgiving night to offer early deals that people usually leave dinner night to get to. Sophomore student Sophia Ortiz went out Thursday night around 10 pm to commence mall shopping since it was open that night until past midnight. “I chose to go since I wanted to be able to get the most out of shopping both Thursday and Friday, which made it easier to get stuff in the stores I wanted,” Ortiz said. Cyber Monday eliminates the need for maximizing time to manage getting what one wants. The spacing between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday allots some time for the two holidays/events to breathe. This way, Thanksgiving isn’t immediately overlooked for shopping deals the next day. Cyber Monday is a better alternative to Black Friday for the reason of appreciating Thanksgiving for a slightly longer period before greedy human nature takes over.

Noor is a sophomore at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. She has always been passionate about her writing, and is looking forward to being a part of the Patriot Post. Noor is a passionate Arab-Muslim American who is proud of her heritage. She loves trying new things and traveling the world and hopes to broaden her horizons as a part of this team.

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