A new resident flies into the EEC

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The Environmental Education Center (EEC) recently welcomed their newest resident: a one-year old lovebird named Percie. Once his family could no longer take care of him, they donated Percie to the EEC. Despite his short time living in the environmental center, Percie has already seemed to make quite the impression on students and those who come to visit him.

Percie shows love to his human visitors in a variety of ways. He enjoys playing ball as well as looking at cell phones and perching atop children’s heads. However, Percie also is fond of interacting with adults as well. Mrs. Sheryl Rosenthal, a third grade assistant, who paid Percie a visit noticed “his loving and friendly personality” as the bird hopped from shoulder to shoulder.

“I was amazed at Percie’s desire to interact with not only me, but the children as well,” Mrs. Rosenthal said.

Although he may have similar features to other birds residing in the EEC, Percie has proven that he differs greatly in character. As opposed to most lovebird species, which live in pairs, Percie decided to fly solo. Also, he chooses to be in constant contact with humans, another trait that differs from other lovebirds.

The “very sweet and inquisitive [bird] chose to live alone,” said Ms. Trisha Fisher, director of the EEC. “He prefers the company of human children to that of [his] other feathered friends.”

The EEC is full of different species of animals that enjoy those who visit, including Sheldon the turtle and Tommy the parrot. However, next time you visit the environmental center, expect newcomer Percie the lovebird to welcome you as he perches on your shoulder.

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