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Billie Eilish, rising star and most streamed female artist of 2019, is known for her melancholy tunes. More deprecating and depressing songs are becoming mainstream and thus make youth like Eilish and Khalid fit for success. (Photo/Seventeen)

RY X, Adele, Billie Eilish and Mitski are known for their sad songs. While considered bops, their discography and other downcast artists may hold the key to overcoming the winter blues.

In a world where social media constantly depicts purported “perfection,” where users flaunt lavish and unrealistic lifestyles, we can easily feel guilty for deviating from perfection and happiness. Sad music can actually help you feel happier though. A study by Freie Universität Berlin discovered that listening to sad music correlated with feeling happier in their study with 772 participants. This applies to any situation of sadness, from breakups to the death of a loved one.

The study found the music worked as an emotional stabilizer and would allow participants’ imaginations to run with the melody. Their imagination created a form of catharsis and control, leading to the participants feeling better after a few melancholy tunes.

Researchers Annemieke Van den Tol and Jane Edwards also found that sad music attracts its listeners through connection, message, aesthetic value and memory triggers. This means sad music helps listeners establish a connection with the songs to relive their hurtful moment in a way they control. 

So, listen to some depressing bops for self-care. If you need to cry for a second, then cry. Life isn’t pristine and if playing sad songs helps you get through, then blast them at full volume. Cheers to Lana Del Ray, a full tub of ice cream and living perfectly imperfect.

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