Alternative ways to safely celebrate senior activities

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Previous senior events include Senior Movie Night, Senior Dress Up Week, Senior Pizza Party, Grad Bash and more. These events and their substitutes remain in planning stages because of the pandemic. (Graphic/Nithisha Makesh)

Senior activities make up the many perks that come with being a high school senior. Although the Class of 2020 went through the brunt of the pandemic, resulting in the cancellation of most of their senior activities, there is the possibility that a repeat might happen to the Class of 2021.

Senior advisors Mr. Juan Laureano and Mrs. Krisynda Cicos released an update that senior events aren’t finalized due to COVID-19 circumstances. 

Most senior events remain in the planning stages because of COVID-19 and the uncertainty that comes from it. Currently, administration is moving forward with the Clash of the Classes Week during the first week of March, which includes a dress up week for all students, according to Mr. Laureano.

Dress-up Week: Heritage Breaks the Internet

Monday, March 1: Heritage Breaks Grades- Class t-shirt day

Tuesday, March 2: Heritage Breaks Hollywood- Dress as your favorite REAL celebrity 

Wednesday, March 3: Heritage Breaks the Screen- Dress as your favorite movie/TV show character

Thursday, March 4: Heritage Breaks Social Media- Dress as your favorite Meme

Friday, March 5: Heritage Breaks School- Black and Gold Day

Seniors expressed their disappointment about the possible cancellation of senior activities again this year.“[I feel] disappointed. [I’ve been at] Heritage for eight years [and I’ve been] looking forward to senior year,” senior Sarah Geller said. 

Although some students seemed upset, some chose to stay hopeful. “I feel that the senior advisors would do their best to come up with substitutes for activities,”senior Arthur Young said.

Since most activities are spent in person, the only activity that could be held online would be Senior Movie Night. The school could administer the movie night through a streaming platform like Netflix Party, so students could watch and interact with each other. 

More interactive events could be planned in order to make up for the absence of some activities such as students making group chats within the senior class to host Zoom meetings and online games. 

Events such as Grad Bash, Senior Carnival and prom could be difficult to substitute since they cannot be held virtually. However seniors such as Kayla Myers have plans to celebrate them just in case. 

“Even if prom is cancelled, I’ve hung out with the same group of people, so we’re planning to dress up and take pictures. If we’re not able to go to Universal for Grad Bash, my friends and I may go to a hotel and spend the night so we can do some things on a smaller scale,” said Myers. 

Students could plan socially distanced picnics with their friends where each person brings their own food and towel, if they want to do a more intimate version of the Senior Breakfast. Although, senior activities might get canceled this year, possible alternatives could take place.

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