Apple iPhone 7 brings surprising upgrades, but loses headphone jack

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Although similar in style to the previous iPhones, the iPhone 7 has unconventionality radiating from its pores – from its pressure powered, haptic-enhanced home button to its rainbow of device colors correctly shaded to emanate elegance and class.

Controversy has surrounded the iPhone 7 since its debut six months ago over the removal of its headphone jack. Avid music listeners and phone users everywhere worried about how get their groove on. To our surprise, iPhone users can listen to their songs via the charging port while using compatible headphones or an adapter.

The waterproof feature of this device is a necessary and expected upgrade – puddle droppers and toilet plungers, your phone is safe, no need to crank out the rice bag. However, if you want to take your phone for a swim, better arm it with a specialized case as this feature expires after the device is submerged for more than 30 minutes in a meter or more of water.

Moreover, the new iPhone boasts six colors: Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold, Jet Black, Black and Silver. But the new colors are just one of the many differences between the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 has a non-removable lithium battery, which enables users to listen to up to 60 hours of music and talk for over 21 hours. This new battery change comes as a ray of light after the recent battery issues surrounding the iPhone 6.

The biggest improvement, and my personal favorite feature, is the new camera. The iPhone 7 has the ability to shoot RAW photos, which are larger than the traditional JPEG as they store more light data. This allows the iPhone 7 to capture more vibrant and vivacious colors, making for better photography overall.

The iPhone 7 allows us a glimpse into the future, however, not a full view – Apple has big plans and will continue to dominate the technological world.


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