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Asa Zaretsky

Asa Zaretsky has 14 articles published.

Asa is the former political correspondent of the Patriot Post and is currently a freshman at George Washington University.
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Fighting for what’s right in Tallahassee

Every year, the state legislature of Florida gathers in Tallahassee for 60 days to deliberate bills, hold hearings and pass legislation. This small time window doesn't leave a whole lot of room for just anyone to come up and talk to the legislators during the session, but I was able to advocate for a day. Keep Reading


What happens during a government shutdown?

Sorry Smokey, no friendly campers will be visiting you soon. Since noon Saturday, the United States government has officially been shut down. Shutdowns are caused when Congress fails to sign a bill to fund the government and doesn’t extend the previous bill, thus forcing the government to cease functioning. Shutdowns have happened in the past 30 years, most recently in 2013. Keep Reading

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What is DACA?

Democrats want to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Republicans want to deport most of these people back to their home countries. Keep Reading

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