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Bella Ramirez

Bella Ramirez has 10 articles published.

Bella Ramirez, 15, is a passionate journalist and Marvel fan. She enjoys writing for the newsmagazine, doing segments in WAHS and running her third publication, Pressing the Future. Ramirez has her head in the clouds and her heart in New York, fingers crossed she can last the next few years of high school in this Florida heat.

Life Flip or Flop Weekly: Live like a New York Times Reporter

Reporters are brave; they go into the battlefield unarmed and unprotected. They have to believe in humanity’s will to tell the truth despite constant scrutiny and firsthand experience of negative events. They need to know different mediums in an ever-changing society with short attention spans, and they need to do it all before deadline. Despite all this, reporters are often just a byline. This week showed me life beyond that. Keep Reading

Life Flip or Flop Weekly: Live like a New Yorker

For two weeks, I lived in the fabulous, furious and overly polluted city of New York. I attended the School of the New York Times, and, while I learned the tools of journalistic trade, I also felt the need to live like a real New Yorker. The only downside? According to my summer camp’s safety seminar, I need to act rude to become a New Yorker. It was going to be a long week… Keep Reading

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