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Bella Ramirez

Bella Ramirez has 28 articles published.

Bella Ramirez, 15, is a passionate journalist and Marvel fan. She enjoys writing for the newsmagazine, doing segments in WAHS and running her third publication, Pressing the Future. Ramirez has her head in the clouds and her heart in New York, fingers crossed she can last the next few years of high school in this Florida heat.

Saving 210 Lives in Less Than 8 Hours

Blood drives every sixty days are the “norm” at Heritage. However, our average blood drive collects approximately 35 pints of blood. Students made history March 7 with the greatest amount of blood ever collected (70 pints) and one of the largest turnouts (83 people). Keep Reading


Don’t let the MSD Movement die out

When students began protesting in Feb. 2018, pessimists said to give up. With every word at a rally or walkout, someone else would counter with words of hate. People said the movement would die out, so we might as well stop yelling. The verdict was a destiny of giving up and accepting no change. Keep Reading


Behind the Pom Poms

Cheerleaders -- they go to every game, every practice, and every day they are hoisting people in the air. Despite the hard work and rigor that goes into building the cheer team to great heights and throws, they are usually thought of as only a halftime show. Patriot Varsity strives to break down that stereotype. Keep Reading


Keeping creativity alive

In order to keep poetry alive in the modern day, “Poetry Out Loud” held their state competition Feb. 10. Before states however, Heritage students competed in a school tournament in Mrs. Hendrick’s room 7100, Jan. 21. Keep Reading

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