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Ellaheh "Ella" Gohari

Ellaheh "Ella" Gohari has 13 articles published.

Ella Gohari, an American Heritage Freshman, is starting her first year as a Patriot Post writer. She is an avid reader and poetry enthusiast who channels her love of words into her work. She has been a part of Science Research since sixth grade, and hopes to combine her passion for writing with her devotion to science. When she isn't researching her newest project or reading a book, you can often find her watching a Marvel movie or scrolling through Reddit.

Dr. Seuss cancelled

While his stories are celebrated by parents and children alike for tackling issues ranging from environmentalism to the dangers of greed, some have not stood the test of time. Six of his books, including his debut novel, will no longer be published by Dr. Seuss Enterprises due to racist imagery and statements. Keep Reading


Inclusivity in emojis

Now for 2021, the Unicode has released skin color options for couple, kissing and family emojis, as well as non-binary and female emojis with beards. Keep Reading

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