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Emma Remudo has 22 articles published.

Emma is a sophomore at American Heritage School in Plantation Fla. Although this is her first year working as a part of the newspaper, she is extremely excited to be a part of the staff. Emma is also an active member of PAWS and TASSEL. In her free time she loves window shopping at home goods and trying vegan foods.

App Review: PSYCH!

he Warner Bros. game debuted Oct. 8, 2015 and immediately received support from the public, racking up an editor’s choice on the App Store and a 4.7-out-of-5-star rating. Keep Reading


Don’t make homework an accuracy grade

Unlike tests, cheating your way through homework remains far easier than most care to admit. At any moment you’re a short google search away from MathWay or a Quizlet set with all the correct answers straight from a solutions manual. You copy down the answers, scribble a few notes on the side on the page and turn it in, earning a 100% for the assignment. Keep Reading


Dorm Review: Yale

Whether cheering on Yale at sports games or exploring one of the university’s 14 dining halls, every Yale student knows the pride in being a bulldog. Keep Reading

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