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Joseph Richards

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Joseph Richards is 17 years old, and this is his first time being part of the journalism team. Born in Jamaica, Joseph lived most of his life there (13 years) until he moved to Parkland, Florida in 2016, where he would then start attending American Heritage. Joseph plays soccer competitively both for a club (Miramar United) as well as for the school varsity team. As far as his hobbies go, Joseph enjoys playing video games, writing in his journal and watching YouTube.

Reasons to be positive in 2021

2020 was probably one of the worst years mankind has ever lived to see. However, the dawn of 2021 is now upon us, giving everyone a reason to be optimistic and have a positive outlook on what the new year will bring. Keep Reading


Mental health of athletes during the pandemic

With the pandemic preventing them from pursuing the sport as a stress reliever for personal issues and schoolwork, in addition to taking away collegiate and professional opportunities from athletes, athletes’ mental health has seen a decline. Keep Reading


Carsdonesimple, a student-made business

Coming up with the idea was easy according to Alexander, stating that the actual work began when it was time to jumpstart the actual business. The brothers soon realized they couldn’t do it themselves, so they reached out to two other like-minded Heritage students, Manuel (class of 2022) and Felipe Posada (class of 2020). Keep Reading

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