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Kayla Giset

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Kayla Giset, freshman at American Heritage School in Plantation Fl., is endeavoring in her first year on the Newsmagazine staff. As an avid Netflix-binger and book-reader, there is never a dull moment in the writer’s life. If Kayla isn’t studying for an upcoming test, you’ll find her on the ice rink or reading a Marvel comic. She has watched every Marvel cinematic masterpiece at least four times, and hopes to eventually direct a film of her own.

Distance learning’s effects on mental health

Distance learning, a system that allows at-home students to join class through a virtual platform, has recently been incorporated into the schedules of many American schools. When taking total class time, homework, and phone-use into consideration, that adds up to an arguably unhealthy screen time for a student. Keep Reading


Competitions amidst the pandemic

However, with competitions being one of the major aspects of AHS, several clubs that were once heavily involved in competitions across the state and country, are now put in a tough position. Keep Reading

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