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As a sophomore, Kayla spends her second year on staff as Assistant Online Editor in Chief and Business Manager of iPatriot Post and the Patriot Post, respectively. Her world consists of reading as many books as she can get her hands on, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and anything Marvel, sleeping in until noon during the summer and on weekends, baking until no more counter space in her kitchen exists and writing for her favorite news outlet, the Patriot Post.

Campus Reviews: Florida college tour

Although I dream of living somewhere colder (read: anywhere without four seasons of hot, scorching, slightly windy/chilly and wow-it’s-fifty-degrees-time-to-bundle-up) for college, the recent Florida college tour I went on opened my eyes to schools I hadn’t originally seen myself going to. Keep Reading


National History Day: The school edition

For seventh graders, eighth graders and sophomores and juniors in non-honors history classes, first semester means four months dedicated to developing a National History Day (NHD) project in the form of either a research paper, performance, exhibit, website or documentary. Keep Reading


Boston College Campus Reviews

Leading up to this three day trip in Boston, I had no idea what to fully expect. Sure, I had some ideas based on movies such as “Good Will Hunting,” but not a concrete picture of Boston or a university with such prestigious backing. Not only was this my first time in Boston, it was also my first time touring a university with a guide. However, each college I visited had its own unique charms, making each college visited during the trip memorabile in its own way. Keep Reading

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