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Kayla Rubenstein has 42 articles published.

As a sophomore, Kayla spends her second year on staff as Assistant Online Editor in Chief and Business Manager of iPatriot Post and the Patriot Post, respectively. Her world consists of reading as many books as she can get her hands on, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and anything Marvel, sleeping in until noon during the summer and on weekends, baking until no more counter space in her kitchen exists and writing for her favorite news outlet, the Patriot Post.

Cold Weather < Enhancing Journalism Skills

Facing weather in the high thirties to forties, fourteen journalism students, alongside their advisors Ms. Diana Adams and Mrs. Ashley Hendricks travelled to Chicago to attend the co-organized Journalism Education Association and National Scholastic Press Association (JEA/NSPA) convention Nov. 1 through Nov. 4. Keep Reading


Calculating a switch (back)

Just like a baseball bat does not define a baseball player’s skill, the use of scientific calculators does not mirror the math skills of a student. Due to constant repetition of problems through textbook work and online assignments, scientific calculators allow students to efficiently grasp the concept without wasting time computing. Keep Reading


The Ghostly Origins of Halloween

While Halloween may seem like a bipolar holiday containing both frightening figures and cheerful children running around collecting candy, the holiday actually involves a more “spirited” background. Keep Reading


Ready, set, spike!

This season, the varsity girls’ volleyball team dominated the courts. With three wins and only one loss in the district, the team is proving to be a strong force. Keep Reading

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