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Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor has 9 articles published.

Kelly is a past staffer of the 2017-2018 Patriot Post staff.

Singing from the heart

In conclusion to another successful choral season, the Spring Choral Concert recognized student vocal achievement and shared the many emotions that have plagued the community over the last few months. Keep Reading


The benefits of getting a summer job

As the school year comes to an end, the question of how to spend during vacation time becomes more eminent. Although some students see vacation as a time to relax and enjoy the break from school, taking this approach may result in many valuable hours and opportunities being missed. Keep Reading

Photos: Andrew Kolondra

Supporting #StrongInHijab

With the intention of promoting a peaceful world with mutual respect for all cultures, the #StrongInHijab campaign welcomes women of all ethnicities to spread awareness of the unjust discrimination against Muslim women in public places. Keep Reading

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