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Maia is a junior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. Even though this is only her second year on staff, Maia loves working foe the newspaper. She also serves as Vice President of Save the Memories, participates in service projects and loves to discover new music and trendy restaurants. Maia considers herself an avid Billie Eilish fan and, in her free time, enjoys writing and taking pictures of nature. For her, a perfect day consists of sleeping in, avocado toast and binge-watching Netflix originals.

Focused on photography

Camera in hand, junior Catherine Gomez-Thompson walks down to the beach with her models behind her. She positions them in front of the waves and, as they smile, the shutter clicks. As a self-employed photographer, Gomez has been taking photos of people, landscapes and nature since she got her iPhone 4s when it was first released. For Gomez, photography is not only a job but a passion and a hobby. Keep Reading


All-stars at All State

Music is in the air this season as the results for All-State Guitar came out. This year, 40 students from high schools around the state were accepted into the program, including six of Heritage’s. Keep Reading


Senior receives first place in Spanish prose contest

Some students love to write poetry or stories, and senior Gabriela Coutinho is one of these students; she loves to express herself by writing about her life and experiences. However, she does so in Spanish. This past month, Coutinho, as well as fellow Spanish Honor Society seniors Eric Bazail and Kevin Yeung, had their works published in “Albricias,” a biannual National Spanish Honor Society journal. Sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), “Albricias” features prose,… Keep Reading


The good, the bad and the dirty of Gatorade

This article is not directed at those who train daily under the sun and who are actually lacking the substances Gatorade can provide, but at those who choose Gatorade over a soda because it may seem healthier or because it’s suddenly hot outside. Keep Reading

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