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Noor Sukkar

Noor Sukkar has 18 articles published.

Noor is a sophomore at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. She has always been passionate about her writing, and is looking forward to being a part of the Patriot Post. Noor is a passionate Arab-Muslim American who is proud of her heritage. She loves trying new things and traveling the world and hopes to broaden her horizons as a part of this team.

Students react to distance learning plan

Utilizing online resources such as Google Meet and Google Classroom, teachers and students benefit from virtual learning from the safety and comfort of their own homes. After surveying 25 freshmen, sophomores, juniors and a junior high student over social media, several responses revealed mixed emotions and reactions to this new system. With change comes adaptation; here are some student reactions about the system in place. Keep Reading


How to stay fit while quarantined

With sports cancelled and gym closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, even athletes could struggle with remaining in shape. However, it is not impossible to stay fit and active safely while in quarantine. Here are a few ways to stay active at home, with or without workout equipment. Keep Reading


Creating monotone media

At this point, without a new addition to the social media world, online communication no longer holds its appeal. The new decade holds hope for innovations in this static system, with new technology developing every day. Keep Reading


Who is Kaitlin Bennett?

Right-wing internet star Kaitlin Bennett, dubbed, “Kent State gun girl,” stands as a controversial figure in today’s society. Her videos on her channel “Liberty Hangout,” with 430 thousand subscribers, features interviews with people concerning political topics like abortion, gun rights, and transgender rights. Keep Reading

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