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Yasmeen Altaji

Yasmeen Altaji has 8 articles published.

Yasmeen is a past staffer of the 2017-2018 Patriot Post staff and will be attending Northwestern University beginning Fall 2019.

Response: why a “claim to your land” is not enough

On April 24th, iPatriotPost published an article supposedly providing reason as to “why “Israel has a claim to its land.” The article frankly lacks factual integrity and misconstrues an array of crucial points considered in formulating an opinion on the matter. Through this article, I aim to provide you, the reader, with a clearer window through which to view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Keep Reading


The Evolution of Modern Jazz

The “western tunes and African beats” born and raised in the roaring twenties have created the worldly mix that now defines typical American jazz, encapsulated in the works of Dave Brubeck and Wynton Marsalis, among a myriad of others. Keep Reading

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