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Zoe Persaud

Zoe Persaud has 15 articles published.

As Copy Editor and News Editor of the Patriot Post, junior Zoe Persaud spends most of her time staring at a computer and rewriting sentences. She serves as Junior Class Director of Key Club and actively participates in English Honor Society, TASSEL and National Honor Society. Outside of school, she volunteers at her local library and tries to sleep for as long as she can.

Battle of the college majors

In a society heavily embedded with competition, students may find it difficult to focus on themselves and refrain from comparing grades, test scores and awards with those of their peers. This sense of validation through comparison extends beyond components of college applications to the future after students receive decisions. Keep Reading


Picture perfect places

Instagram usage doubled between June 2016 and 2018, with the platform hosting over 40 billion photos and 95 million posts added each day. The immense traffic on the social media site can cause saturation of content and leave your timeline slightly stale with the same posts circulating constantly. Fortunately, plenty of places in the South Florida area have the extra pizzazz needed to push your profile to the top. Bubbleology Located in Boca Raton, Bubbleology, a small café with a science motif,… Keep Reading


On the Air: Tuning into the sound of the future

As internet use becomes more ingrained in the routines of incoming generations, new mediums continue to develop in order to satiate the needs of consumers. Podcasts provide an innovative approach to background noise and information that grows in popularity as the industry diversifies. Keep Reading

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