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Zoe Persaud is a sophomore at American Heritage School with a passion for writing and a disturbing amount of knowledge about the world of internet memes. As an active member of English Honor Society and an officer in Key Club, she is excited to branch out into the world of publications. Although this is her first year on staff, she looks forward to developing her skills and working to make the Patriot Post even more iconic (if possible).

Play it safe

As the crime rate continues to rise, schools should emphasize the preventative nature of self-defense classes to ensure the safety of their students and prepare them for whatever challenges they may face. Keep Reading


Cracking under peer pressure

Constant warnings and hypothetical “what would you do” situations have left most with at least a basic idea of peer pressure. The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health defines peer pressure as “the influence of a social group on an individual.” This influence is especially prevalent among teenagers. Keep Reading


Nevertheless, she persisted

This March marks several exciting occasions such as Spring Break for students and March Madness for sports enthusiasts, but it also brings the 2019 International Women’s Day. Keep Reading

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