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Zoe Persaud

Zoe Persaud has 19 articles published.

As Copy Editor and News Editor of the Patriot Post, junior Zoe Persaud spends most of her time staring at a computer and rewriting sentences. She serves as Junior Class Director of Key Club and actively participates in English Honor Society, TASSEL and National Honor Society. Outside of school, she volunteers at her local library and tries to sleep for as long as she can.

Sitting down for what you believe in

The Pledge of Allegiance does not encourage unity and nationalism, but separates the citizens that make up the diverse population of the United States based on their personal beliefs and creates tension in an already volatile political situation. Keep Reading


Same Style, New Artists

Music tends to reflect the style of that particular era, with 60s classic rock transforming into 70s and 80s discos and so on throughout the decades. Recently, however, artists broke the bounds of time and brought back old styles in new music. Keep Reading

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