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At just 15 years old, Canadian-born singer Justin Bieber reached number 17 on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart in the U.S. with his first released song, “One Time” in 2009. Now 25 years old, married and with numerous music award nominations and wins under his belt, Bieber has taken a turn from being a teen heartthrob into a married young adult who produces songs with a stronger focus on explicit content, a far cry from his original hit “Never Say Never.”

The Hair 

The original “Bieber swoop” was one of Justin Bieber’s defining physical factors. His first hairstyle, light brown straight hair combed to swoop over his face, originated at the start of his career in 2009. Through many changes to his hair, he eventually ended up with his now bleached “bed-head” type hairstyle. 

Recently spotted with long bleached hair, Bieber has drastically changed his appearance from his days of singing “Somebody To Love” back in 2010 (from left: around the age of 15, around the age of 17 and around the age of 23.) (Photo/Insider)

Relationship Status

Starting as a  young pop sensation he went from teenage girls idolizing him to dating Selena Gomez; however now, Justin Bieber is permanently “taken” as he has settled down with his wife model Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber. Officially married Sept. 13, 2018 in a New York City courthouse, the pair later had their ceremony in South Carolina with 154 guests Sept. 30 2019. Although some may still remember the young boy singing “Baby” on the radio, he has been through some major life changes.

The couple got married at the Montage Palmetto Bluff Hotel in Bluffton, South Carolina with various celebrities in attendance including Usher, Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith. (Photo/Insider)


 From his days of wearing purple hoodies, high-top sneakers, vests, snapback hats and leather jackets, Bieber has now traded that all in for a more casual “skater boy” look complete with oversized shirts as well as bright oversized sweatshirts, baggy colorful pants and various colored baseball hats. Along with a change of wardrobe, Bieber has also built upon a large collection of over 50 tattoos through the years. Receiving his first tattoo in 2010 to mark his sixteenth birthday, Bieber’s most recent tattoo is a swallow on the left side of his neck with the word “Forever” written underneath.

Pictured to the far right is Bieber sporting a “Drew House” sweatshirt. The “Drew House”  brand, a unisex clothing line which Bieber co-founded, was released at the beginning of 2019. (Photo/Insider)

The Music

Most people may associate the name “Justin Bieber” with his early “innocent” songs about having a crush on a girl such as his first song (previously mentioned) “One Time”  and  “Mistletoe.” Cute, love-filled lyrics such as those from “One Time”–“When I met you girl my heart went knock knock knock, now them butterflies in my stomach won’t stop stop”–have now changed into more mature lyrics such as those in his recent songs “Yummy” and “Intentions.” Although Bieber still sings about being interested in a girl, the subject matter has been aimed towards an audience a few years older than the young tween girls which he used to serenade. Bieber is also a large advocate for mental health, and there are suspicions that the rest of his album “Changes,” which he has only released three songs from so far,  may be having to do with that subject matter as well. As quoted from an article written about Bieber’s new album by The Atlantic magazine “‘Changes’ again broadcasts a recovery narrative,” the recovery referring to the start of his heavy drug use at the age of 19.

As Bieber ages, it seems that his appearance and message reflect how he is growing as an artist and person, showing the public he is more than just a teen heartthrob. Through his many lifestyle changes, Bieber continues to evolve with society and has begun involving himself in more serious matters such as mental health.

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