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Spotlight: Ellie Lim

Lim moved to Florida from Chicago when she was six years old. While living in Chicago, she went to see an orchestra perform. From there, she realized she had a passion for violin and began taking private lessons. Keep Reading


A not-so-classy take on classical music

Classical music may seem boring or bland to some because of its usual lack of lyrics and modern beat. However, a few modern artists take classical music in a different direction by adding some of the characteristics of modern music to their own or original compositions. Keep Reading


Concert Review: “The Empire Strikes Back”

Bringing the story of Star Wars Episode VI to life, an unidentified orchestra performed the John Williams composed soundtrack of “The Empire Strikes Back” at the Adrienne Arsht Center on March 8. While the movie played on an overhead screen, the orchestra performed every sound the movie made, with the exception of speech from the characters. Keep Reading


News with a dash of comedy

Eligible voters today, looking for a good laugh, sometimes turn on night shows to find their news or listen to an amusing interpretation of the day's events. Unlike just a few decades ago, talk show hosts focus much of their show on bashing politicians, including the president and candidates running against him. Keep Reading

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