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Students stun in 35 mm

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    Led by Senior Hannah Ellowitz, the cast of "35 mm" performs the opening number of the show.
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The musical’s mysterious title, 35MM, provides the quintessential jumping point for viewers to dive into the artistry, directed by Mr. Johnpaul Moccia with music and lyrics by 33-year-old musical composer Ryan Scott Oliver, all based on a series of photographs by Matthew Murray.

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Obscura: Roy Woods’ Waking at Dawn

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It’s already fall, and the genre of R&B is slowly transitioning from melancholic hard beats to joyful and “love is in the air” type rhythms. Released in late 2016, Roy Woods’ Waking at Dawn is one of the most memorable soul albums someone could produce. The reason? His undefined style and mesmerizing voice. With lo-fi hip hop vibes and a heavenly, echoing alto whispering in your ears, there’s no way someone could dislike Woods for his talent.

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Politics in Entertainment

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Now more than ever, it is our responsibility, and the responsibility of celebrities, to encourage discussion so that we can better address the problems in our world.

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