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Taking on a new form of television

As kids grow up and develop their own tastes in entertainment, they find themselves leaving some of their childhood interests behind. With the increase in technology across all ages, a lot of the content that once interested kids is no longer as attention grabbing as it once was. Keep Reading


Same Style, New Artists

Music tends to reflect the style of that particular era, with 60s classic rock transforming into 70s and 80s discos and so on throughout the decades. Recently, however, artists broke the bounds of time and brought back old styles in new music. Keep Reading


Review: Disney Plus streaming service

The choice on whether Disney+ is worth it depends on what consumers are looking for. While Disney does have a large amount of content within the service, not all of it is diverse and appropriate for all audiences. As of right now, Disney+ seems to be a place to awaken nostalgia, not find new binge-worthy programming. Keep Reading


Book Series Review: “The Selection”

As an avid reader, hearing that one of my favorite series from when I was younger, Kiera Cass’ “The Selection” series, is currently in the process of being converted into a movie on Netflix, I reread the series, ready to dive into what I remembered as an enchanting plot. Keep Reading

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