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The “right” shot: myths of a “good” photographer

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At the end of the day, people should post what they want, whenever they want. As long as the picture doesn’t have the intention of offending or harming anyone (and not associated with any photography competitions), the end of the debate between “good and bad pictures” becomes virtually nonexistent.

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Obscura: Ryuichi Sakamoto

in Entertainment/Music, Technology, TV & Books by

While spring break this year has proven to be chilly for many up north, Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto has used his 2017 album Async to warm up the stage and become the “easy-listening” trend of today. Although mostly well-known for his instrumental music, Ryuichi Sakamoto is also a composer, singer, record producer, writer, dancer, actor and activist based in New York City and Tokyo.

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