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“The Dining Room” shares a full course of talent

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    Each scene in The Dining Room revolves around a dining room table. Many of the scenes repeated “the dining room table” as a line but some simply took place sitting at or near the table without mentioning it.
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The Dining Room was able to evoke many emotions from audience members. The realistic and diverse characters, hilarious jokes and deep concepts entertained the audience and provided a thought-provoking and different style of theatre.

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Student talents cater to the Fine Arts Festival

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    Junior Jacob Mass concentrates on playing his drums during the marching band performance at the fine arts festival. (Photo/Joanne Haner)
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    Junior Jacob Mass plays the drums during the marching band performance at the fine arts festival. (Photo/Angela Lin)
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In a day dedicated to the Arts, the Fine Arts Festival and Spring Fling exhibited student talents with a variety of performances and artwork while clubs also raised money for a variety of causes. The Fine Arts Festival was held in the 3000 and Spring Fling on the back field and basketball courts behind the 3000, due to the current construction of the new building on the basketball courts located on the left of the 3000, from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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Students showcase talents at annual show benefitting Project Alive

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    Sophomore Valentine Euse and junior Natalie Perez sing a ukulele duet of "Waving Through a Window" from the hit musical "Dear Evan Hansen".
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At the Student Government Association’s (SGA) annual student talent show Feb. 8, more than ten acts captivated an audience of students, parents and faculty with a wide variety of musical talents.

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