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Review: Disney Plus streaming service

The choice on whether Disney+ is worth it depends on what consumers are looking for. While Disney does have a large amount of content within the service, not all of it is diverse and appropriate for all audiences. As of right now, Disney+ seems to be a place to awaken nostalgia, not find new binge-worthy programming. Keep Reading


Book Series Review: “The Selection”

As an avid reader, hearing that one of my favorite series from when I was younger, Kiera Cass’ “The Selection” series, is currently in the process of being converted into a movie on Netflix, I reread the series, ready to dive into what I remembered as an enchanting plot. Keep Reading


Movie Review: “Outbreak”

Cooped up during quarantine, my family has taken to having movie nights in a bid to get along for two hours. Although deciding which movie to watch tends to lead to World War III, we unanimously decided to watch a movie fitting for today’s current global landscape: the 1995 thriller “Outbreak.” Keep Reading

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