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Effective cramming, crammed into three steps

With midterms in the not-so-distant future, students may start to realize just how much they procrastinated studying for them. While cramming doesn't produce the most effective study results, using one of these methods may make cramming a little more helpful. Keep Reading


Gender in the modern day

Genderqueer is an adjective describing people who do not conform with society’s idea of gender and identify as neither, both or a combination of genders. More institutions and products are being made to support genderqueer and gender-fluid people. Keep Reading


Killing it with The Killers

Holding up a sign asking band The Killers “Can I Play Drums on ‘For Reasons Unknown?’,” Verebay had hopes of rocking out with the band at the Riptide Music Festival Nov. 23. Keep Reading


A zoo of her own

While some people may beg their parents for a puppy or kitten, eighth-grader Isabella Gauthier takes the term “pet” to a new level. With 108 pets, including a zebra, sloth, otter, llama and camel, Gauthier’s responsibilities differ from a typical eighth grader’s. Keep Reading

When he’s not keeping campus safe, Mr. Reardon can be found baking for Heritage faculty and the PTO. (Photo/Kristen Quesada)

Serve and protect (and bake)

Though he has spent most of his life protecting the South Florida community, Security Supervisor Mr. Michael Reardon has found comfort in baking, a not so typical activity for someone with a history in law enforcement and security. Keep Reading

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