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Leading through letters

With a passion for helping others, freshman Sydney Kaps launched her community service project this past year. The project, Letters to Heroes, started with a desire to show how grateful she was to the many healthcare workers who risk their lives everyday. Keep Reading


Comorbidities and their effect on COVID-19 outcome

COVID-19 affects every person differently, but some groups are more at risk than others. Due to its novelty, scientists don’t know everything about the coronavirus, but there are certain comorbidities (when a patient has a disease or condition already) and risk factors that have been found to decrease one’s likelihood of surviving COVID-19. Keep Reading


In Memoriam Sophia Hurtado

Senior Anne Sophia Hurtado, a light of American Heritage, passed five days after her 18 birthday from pancreatic cancer. She wanted people to “Live your life and laugh a little while you are at it, too.” Hurtado was like every teenage girl: she loved her friends, had a crush and couldn’t wait to turn 18. She had dreams and hopes and goals like everyone else. However, what made Hurtado different was her continuous strength and love for others. Keep Reading

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