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Feature articles focus on students, faculty, and administrators who have made an impact on the campus community.


How core fitness changed my life

Throughout the last school year, I continually paid less and less attention to my physical fitness and instead poured all my focus into my school work. I lost my drive to work out and became complacent with calling walking the campus my daily exercise. Keep Reading


Environment protection, simplified

In elementary school, everyone learns the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. While during the next month after learning the lesson, the R’s are practiced, their usage becomes less and less, until they are almost completely forgotten. It is important to know how to take measures to protect the environment throughout daily activities. Keep Reading


A new resident flies into the EEC

The EEC is full of different species of animals that enjoy those who visit, including Sheldon the turtle and Tommy the parrot. However, next time you visit the environmental center, expect newcomer Percie the lovebird to welcome you as he perches on your shoulder. Keep Reading

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