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Nerding out on Hoco day 4

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    Sophomores Samantha Rathe and Albert Ting chose to wear the classic large-frame eyeglasses associated with the nerd stereotype.
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Students embraced their inner nerdiness on “Cranium Nerd Day.” Many wore suspenders, nerdy glasses, pigtails and bow ties. Some students also wore their school uniforms and accessorized with nerdy apparel such as suspenders and nerdy glasses as well.

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Students sport their teams on Hoco Day Two

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    Sophomore Alex Plewinski and Freshman Daniel Paez sported Miami Heat apparel while Massimo Salafia and Sophomore Vito Coraci chose to show their spirit for the Italian soccer team.
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Students wore their favorite sports jerseys on Homecoming dress-up day two. Those participating were allowed to wear a sports jersey or t-shirt with leggings or uniform shorts. Many students supported college and NFL football teams, baseball teams and soccer teams from across the globe.

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Sweet dreams this homecoming

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    Sophomores Annabella Lugo, Sachita Jariwala, Zaina Ghantous and Paola Barraza work together to carry Kristen Quesada. The group wore onesies to show their school spirit for the first day of homecoming.
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Students kicked off Homecoming week by wearing their coziest pajamas for “Candyland/Sweet Dreams Pajama Day.” Many students and teachers participated and wore onesies, pajama sets or just t-shirts and sweatpants. The theme of this year’s homecoming dance and dress-up week is based around games – both traditional board games and newer, digital apps.

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