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Students gather to spark a change

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    Sophomores Flora Ranis, Maia Fernandez-Baigun and Samantha Rathe, among others, protest at Monday's rally.
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In fewer than 48 hours, American Heritage seniors Sydnie Rathe, Nicholas Fonseca and Faith Ward organized a school-wide protest for gun control in response to last week’s deadly massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD). The seniors cited the Not One More rally for firearm safety legislation at the Federal Courthouse Feb. 17 as inspiration for their protest.

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English Honor Society and Dead Poet’s Society host first renaissance festival

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Saturday, Jan. 20, the English Honor Society and Dead Poet’s Society worked together to host their first-ever Renaissance Festival. The event took place in the Environmental Center and consisted of a variety of activities, including a face painting booth and a Shakespearean monologue contest.

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