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Votes in a pandemic call to question true democracy

By March 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. This immediately caused a nation-wide panic and encouragement to stay home to “lower the curve” of those infected. However, in the near peak of the Democratic Presidential Primaries, some states decided the show must go on for voters. Keep Reading


32 seniors commit on National Signing Day

Continuing the pattern of successful student athletes, 32 seniors made their way to the main theater to sign their respective national letters of intent for this year’s national signing day. The morning of Feb. 5, these seniors took their passion for athletics to the next level. Keep Reading

Orchestra concert closes winter concert series

Bringing the winter concerts to a close, Orchestra took to the stage Dec. 12. Following a Christmas theme, the orchestra concert featured two pieces conducted by students, “Ose Shalom” by senior co-conductor Joey Balem and a collection of pieces from “The Prince of Egypt” by junior co-conductor Pierre Younes, as well as a symphonic collaboration with members from band. Keep Reading

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