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Silver Knight nominees announced

Despite the pandemic placing nearly everything on halt earlier this year, 15 seniors modeled exemplary commitment to their community through volunteer service. These 15 students earned a school nomination for the Silver Knight community service recognition. Keep Reading


Comorbidities and their effect on COVID-19 outcome

COVID-19 affects every person differently, but some groups are more at risk than others. Due to its novelty, scientists don’t know everything about the coronavirus, but there are certain comorbidities (when a patient has a disease or condition already) and risk factors that have been found to decrease one’s likelihood of surviving COVID-19. Keep Reading


Florida voters make their voices heard

Incumbent President Donald Trump held a strong lead in Florida, with former Vice President Joe Biden underperforming among Cuban and Hispanic voters across the state. There was a much larger turnout in 2020 compared to 2016, with both Democrats and Republicans in Florida receiving nearly 1 million more votes. Keep Reading

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