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    Balloons greeted students as they entered the gym, and two lines of tables faced each other leaving ample room for students to walk between.
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    Presenters such as Buchanan offered goodies to students such as pencils and candies.
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    Presenters often had boards displaying aspects of their careers. This is the poster Buchanan, from the Drug Enforcement Administration, used to enhancer her presentation.

A Glimpse into Future Careers

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Everyone, at one point in their lives, has been asked what they want to be when they grow up. Answers are constantly changing, from doctor to lawyer to author. However, thanks to the school’s annual career fair, junior high (JH) students can preview a wide variety of careers and have an opportunity to talk to the professionals.

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    Glenbrooks Debate 2017
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    Glenbrooks Debate 2017
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    Glenbrooks Debate 2017
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    Junior Yasmeen Altaji, Sophomore Ian Bluth and Juniors Kenzo Kimora and Claudia Bermudez enjoy their time in Chicago.
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    Glenbrooks Debate 2017

Speech and debate team steps up at national tournament

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Freezing weather, late-night practices and glimmering trophies: last weekend, the speech and debate team struck again at the 37th annual Glenbrooks Invitational in Chicago. The tournament is the largest in the nation hosted by a high school. At an event with more than 500 competitors in a wide variety of events, Heritage stood out once again.

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