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A look back: FSP-“yay”

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    Sophomore Brandon Woods is interviewed by a fellow broadcaster at the Florida Scholastic Press Association convention. Journalists from across the state participated in the "Man on the Street" contest. (Photo/Joanne Haner)
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    Thais Fernandez, a senior at West Broward High School, shouts "FSPA 2018" with her peers for her 'Man on the Street' video. Joanne Haner won first place in News Photography with this photo, titled "Party in the FSPA." (Photo/Joanne Haner)
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    Junior Angela Lin, Senior Andrew Kolondra and Juniors Amber Bhutta and Kenzo Kimura take a break from the Newspaper team competition and enjoy a few dabs. (Photo/Andrew Kolondra)
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Students and advisors look forward to the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA), state convention as a rite of passage. The organization promotes journalistic excellence in teens throughout the state. The competition that took place April 12-14 at the Wyndham hotel in Orlando hosts groups of students statewide involved in newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine, online media and broadcast.

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March on Washington: Students advocate for change

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    Photos by Angela Lin
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    Activists march on Washington to promote gun reform during the March for Our Lives protest March 24. (Photo/Angela Lin)
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    Activists march on Washington to promote gun reform during the March for Our Lives protest March 24. (Photo/Angela Lin)
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    Photos: Angela Lin

Thousands of activists gathered at the nation’s capital to demonstrate the need for gun reform in light of the 17 school shootings in 2018. Mar. 24 marked a change not only in the attitude of the country, but also the course of direction for future legislation.

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Math team wins big at states

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    The defending state and national champion math team celebrates with their array of awards after winning their second consecutive state convention. (Photo/Joanne Haner)
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With all of the awards won by Heritage students, many could not contain their excitement. The team got to defend their state championship title they earned last year, and can now call themselves “back-to-back champions.”

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