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NSPA: Now more than ever

The National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) held in Washington, D.C. Nov. 20-24 had over 8,000 journalism students and advisors attend the event to hear speakers from around the country and workshops about a variety of journalism-related topics. Keep Reading


MUN more time

Before the Thanksgiving season came to an end, the Model United Nations (MUN) team gave themselves much to be thankful for after their award-winning performances at two conferences. Keep Reading


Welcome to our TED talks

While we often watch TED talks and clips from TED conferences in our various classes, a select eight of our fellow classmates seized the opportunity to give their very own TED talks in an independently organized TEDx event right here on campus. Keep Reading


TikTok breaking America’s national security

In order to go viral, many downloaded the app TikTok to start a new trend. It became a quick sensation as many joked about the nature of the app but downloaded it anyway and became addicted. If the government has a say, however, TikTok’s time may run out. Keep Reading

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