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Getting to know the new class presidents

The Student Government Association (SGA) held annual class elections that would crown next year's class presidents Monday, March 9 . The results showed that junior Zaneer Mitha, sophomore Julian Villegas and freshman Mudit Marwaha became the upcoming school year’s class presidents. Keep Reading


Votes in a pandemic call to question true democracy

By March 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. This immediately caused a nation-wide panic and encouragement to stay home to “lower the curve” of those infected. However, in the near peak of the Democratic Presidential Primaries, some states decided the show must go on for voters. Keep Reading


RECAP: SGA Open Forum

SGA held its most recent forum Feb. 13, where Upper School Assistant Principal Mrs. Melissa Becerra made a surprise appearance and helped address questions. For a recap of everything asked and answered, see below. Keep Reading


Experiencing Ellis Island

Almost a century ago, immigrants from Europe spent months preparing to enter America. They often went through physical and medical testing at Ellis Island in order to enter the county. With this year's annual immigration day held Friday, March 13, seventh graders experienced what immigrants may have gone through when they formed into families, chose a country of origin and a story about their trip to America. Keep Reading

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