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Don’t let collegeboard ruin your summer

Your score is your score, and there is nothing you can do to change it. It’s one small part of a giant application, and most colleges use a holistic admissions process, so not getting a five on the AP Biology exam probably isn’t going to make them throw your application in the trash. Keep Reading


Help erase the stigma surrounding suicide

Pushing the negative connotation related to suicide out of the grand scheme of societal relations would greatly help mend the isolation and confusion that those who have experienced suicidal thoughts or tried to take their own lives feel. Keep Reading


Common sense gun reform should not include a gun ban

“What we need is change, what we need is action, and if that means we need to take all the guns for the time being, then so be it,” said alumnus Emily Gutierrez. This sentiment of banning guns has turned into a frequently heard idea amid the gun controversies of today. However, when turning to other countries who have banned guns for examples, the result isn’t as dramatic as hoped. Keep Reading

College Life/Opinion

Senior wisdom: apply to diversity fly-in programs

Some departing wisdom for the rising senior class: apply to diversity fly-in programs. While being admitted to prospective student programs doesn’t necessarily guarantee admission, there is evidence to suggest attending one just might help. Take it from someone who was accepted to every school who’s fly-in I was accepted to. Keep Reading

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