In the upcoming days, administration will finalize their decision on whether or not to implement a ban on school shorts. It is up to us to dissuade them from making this proposed solution into a reality.Read More →

For teenagers who choose to don terrifying costumes and hit the streets in a quest for candy, reluctant parents can ruin the fun with unjustified negativity. When did students in high school trick-or-treating become a controversial topic?Read More →

It’s that time of the year when juniors in the Ray Dass National Merit Prep Class are seeing the light at the end of the the tunnel. Juniors such as myself are rapidly approaching the end of what has been a five month descent into madness. Filled with late nights at school, all-nighters and full on emotional breakdowns, it probably would not be that far off to say it has been a turbulent period. However, as we enter our last week of spending our afternoons and evenings with instructors Emily Block, Laura Mutis, Hasib Nasirullah and Ray Dass, we may start questioning how we areRead More →

We’ve waited four years for the library limelight. Let us have our moment in the sun. Much too often, underclassmen infiltrate the senior corner and computers and give snarky remarks when asked to leave. Instead of serving as a place for the stressed out college applicants to regroup, relax and get work done, the corner has turned into a game of “guess who’s a freshman.” As seniors, we know what it’s like to impatiently stand waiting for an available computer for more than 30 minutes and try to maintain calm and focused on work while everyone whispers around the tables. Although some underclassmen may findRead More →

When Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” he may not have realized that this saying wouldn’t always apply. For today’s generation, it’s more like “Late to bed, early to rise, makes a student cranky, tired, and sleep deprived.” Early school start times, paired with late bedtimes caused by difficult classes and extracurricular activities leave many students searching for sleep. Studies by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) show that teens are seriously in need of sleep, and a later school start time would be incredibly beneficial to teen’s health and academic performance. In a recent pollRead More →