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Nine early signers commit to college

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    Senior Catharine Cooper cannot contain her excitement as she signs a contract committing to San Diego State University. Cooper is currently training for the Olympic swimming team.
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Nine student athletes – the most early signers in Heritage history – signed binding Letters of Intent to their colleges today. This morning’s event foreshadows National Signing Day, which is typically the first Wednesday of February.

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Patriots inch closer to playoff after Homecoming win

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    The varsity football team held on to their undefeated record at the most popular game of the regular season.
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Homecoming King and Queen weren’t the only ones crowned after tonight’s game, as the Patriots’ 44-0 win against the Hallandale High School Chargers marked them District 5A champions for the second consecutive year.

Senior running back Anthony Schwartz scored the first touchdown of the night after catching a 46-yard pass by quarterback Cam Smith. After a second 1-yard touchdown by Smith, coupled with a 2-point safety and two successful PATs by senior kicker Jared Elstein, the Patriots clear first quarter 16-0.

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Patriots win 21st straight on senior night

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    Senior Patrick Surtain II is recognized alongside his family during the varsity football team's senior night.
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Friday night’s 47-9 win over Miami Jackson High School Generals extended the No.3 ranked Patriots win streak to 21 games on the annual senior night. The annual senior night honors the seniors and their last season with the team, with signs, pictures and presents from parents and cheerleaders.

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