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SIPA Poetry Contest Entry

How To Hold a Cigarette Position your cigarette between your index and middle finger. Acknowledge that you’re holding a stick of long drawn out suicide. Let your friend light it for you. Watch the fire in awe as it sparks. Breathe it in, all of it, feel the artificial warmth in your throat and in your heart. Now cough out your lungs. Ask your friend for another, because yes, it might’ve killed your father and your best friend’s grandfather, and… Keep Reading


Veins of Mercury

I had my existential crisis in the Walmart bathroom.   I shoved into the door, needing another hit. The warped, water-stained mirror distorted my reflection so much that when I looked at myself, I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. Stupid fun-house mirrors.   My fingers wouldn’t cooperate. I fumbled to do a line with the coke in my purse, but my fingers wouldn’t stay still to open the Ziploc of powder. I yelled at them in my… Keep Reading

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