COVID-19 by the numbers and locals

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Fort Lauderdale testing site offers infographics on screenings for COVID-19. Many businesses are maintaining similar infographics outside their storefronts to show how they are handling the pandemic while reopening. (Photo/Bella Ramirez)

As Florida eases up restrictions to open the economy, it’s time to reflect on the stats and decide for ourselves whether it truly is safe to leave quarantine. Using and The New York Times, iPatriotPost compiled the overall trend of COVID-19 cases, deaths and tests in Florida from March to now and their overall stats by county. This is our data story.

Stats updated as of 05/28/20

COVID-19 Florida Stats

COVID-19 Florida by Counties

COVID-19 Map of Florida

Florida testing sites in Broward:

  • Walk Up Sites
  • Mitchell Moore Park
  • Miramar Youth Enrichment Center
  • North Lauderdale Elementary School
  • Urban League

Drive-thru sites

  • CB Smith Park
  • War Memorial

Please note that for most test sites, they will require you to call in ahead of time to schedule a test.

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