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Dancers travel through ‘Urban Landscapes’ in spring recital

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In a recital featuring music from artists such as Fergie, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Justin Bieber, students took audience members to the very heart of “Urban Landscapes.” Over 25 unique dance pieces conveyed themes such as self-love and empowerment. The 2016 spring dance recital held May 5 in the theater showcased senior dancers’ farewell videos, as well.

Throughout the recital, select students in each grade level were honored as year-end award winners.

Dance Captain: senior Audrey Lugo, sophomore Keani Abiega and eighth graders Kylen Bruey and Liliana Orozco

Emerging Choreographers: junior Savannah Sanabria and sophomore Keani Abiega

Heart of Dance Award: seniors Angel Aguilar, Audrey Lugo and Sophia Martine,  juniors Shruti Chandra, Sidney Lampert, Natacha Morales, Jaime Ostrow and Savannah Sanabria, sophomores Keani Abiega, Victoria Baez, Tianna Davis, and Valeria Yamin, freshmen Sophia Clayton, Sofia Diaz, Elena Espinoza, Daniela Hilel, Logan Roberts and Isabella Sharifi and seventh graders Maggie Weidner, Destini Gilmore, Ysabella Reyes and Catalina Rouhani

Broadway Bound: senior Audrey Lugo, sophomores Keani Abiega, Tianna Davi and Valeria Yamin, freshman Daniela Hilel, eighth grader Annabella Lugo and seventh graders Brianna Schroeder and Marianne Collins

Rising Stars: seniors Delany Lovejoy and Emily Grossutti, juniors Jacob Greene and Monica Schindo, sophomore Mckenzie Larson, freshmen Sophia Ashiqueali, Mikhal Ben-Joseph, Alena Lind, Emma Lynch, Emily Pallack, Hermangi Rajpal, Amelia Riches, Samantha Ross, Claudia Torrealba, Kathryn Treacy and Sofia Wagner, eighth graders Zaina Ghantous and Mitiajah Stuart and seventh graders Maria Horta and Tyra Wilkerson

The American Heritage Dance Department, consisting of seven different divisions, spent several months preparing for the show. Junior Dylan Kaplan, one of only six males in the performance, believes it was one of the best recitals ever put on by the department.

“I performed in three numbers and I can definitely say it was one of the best performances we’ve ever put on,” he said. “The entire recital really showed off our dance department.”

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