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Eclipse watching with a planetary punch

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The solar eclipse is not only a natural phenomenon, but it has also proven to be great for business. The goal of true nature and science fanatics is to view the solar eclipse from a point in the path of totality. This path stretches from Oregon to South Carolina and cuts through 10 states. Enthusiasts will have only two minutes and 40 seconds to view the eclipse and some are willing to pay big bucks to do so.

In preparation for the eclipse, several companies have sold protective gear that allow users to view the eclipse without damaging their eyes. Eclipse glasses from sites such as Amazon and NASA range in price from $45 to $150 dollars.

Why aren’t my dollar store sunglasses good enough to view a solar eclipse you might ask? According to NASA, ordinary sunglasses, even really dark ones, let in thousands of times more light than is safe when staring at the sun directly.

Want a front row seat to view the solar eclipse? Some people make extra income from renting out their entire home, anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000 a night. A family in Oregon, one of the best places to view the eclipse, rented out their house for the night for two thousand dollars. They joked about being able to pay their mortgage for the month.

How about going on a bus tour for a day? Several bus trips which head along the path of totality were sold out months in advance for $200 per person.

What if you are looking for more? Throughout 10 of the best states to view the eclipse, lodges, farms and ranches have a weeks stay for people who want a full blown experience with nature. Ranches offer a full week of solar related festivities and other activities such as horseback riding, nature walks, fishing and more. Your adventure will cost you anywhere from 2,000 dollars on up.

Prefer the open seas? Various cruise lines offer a total eclipse cruise including eclipse related activities such as trivia games, science fun and educational lectures for people of all ages. Dine on lunar treats such as planetary punch and moon pie.

Even those on a small budget can view the solar eclipse safely from the comfort of their neighborhoods or nearby parks. However, if money’s no object, rocking it out in a pair of hip eclipse glasses at the dude ranch or while cruising the seas eating moon pies would be the way to go.

Alyssa Herzbrun is a junior and second-year staffer of the Patriot Post at American Heritage. She currently edits the opinion section of the newspaper and is an avid reader. On the weekends, Alyssa loves to volunteer at places like Broward Outreach Center, Ronald McDonald House and Feeding South Florida. Over the summer she read a book every day but finds school interfering with her reading streak. She also loves to clog (not the toilet but the dance). Alyssa is looking for a great year and hopes to meet many opinionated people.

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  1. Or better yet, one could have watched it on TV up close and seen the eclipse as it crossed the various locations of the USA showing total eclipse in certain areas and at a total cost of – free.

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