Faculty profile: Ms. Jody Schiller

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Guidance counselor Ms. Jody Schiller has talent that extends outside of supporting students on campus. For the past 20 years, she has been a member of the “Nova Singers,” a community choir sponsored by Nova Southeastern University which consists of 140 singers. “It is very much so a community choir with [singers] of all denominations of all religions, different people etc.,” Schiller said. Last summer was Nova Singers’ 40th Anniversary, and Ms. Schiller travelled to Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; and Prague, Czech Republic to sing in 10 performances over 10 days. “We sang to people in the city squares, sang in formal concerts, and sang in churches,” Mrs. Schiller said. The choir sings many diverse types of music, from “the classics to Broadway.” Additionally, the Nova Singers perform with famous singers; including the original star of the “Phantom of the Opera.” “I love it. I always tell people that you never know in high school how your talents and passions will play out in your life. If I wouldn’t have [sung], there’s no way I would do it as an adult. Singing is a part of who I am today,” Ms. Schiller said.

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