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The filming of Olivia Wilde’s psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” began in Oct. 2020 before a positive COVID-19 result disrupted production during routine testing. Donning masks when not in-character, the cast, including Harry Styles (left), Florence Pugh (middle) and Chris Pine (right), must quarantine for at least fourteen days before filming can resume. (Source/US Magazine)

The COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges for the film industry, halting production, transforming filming procedures and creating gaps in release of seasons in a series. However, directors have adapted to the situation to continue filming popular shows and even producing new stories to reflect these unprecedented changes. 

The Witcher

Announcing their return via Twitter in late June, “The Witcher” planned to resume filming Aug. 17 with proper regulations to ensure the safety of the cast and crew. The show follows the witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, and his journey through the fantasy world based on the original “The Witcher” book series. Renewed before its initial release, the series plans to ride the wave of its 2019 debut success until the release of season 2 in 2021.

Malcolm & Marie

Starring John David Washington as a filmmaker and Zendaya as his girlfriend, “Macolm & Marie” follows the couple home from a movie premiere as they reminisce about their past relationships. Feldman Architecture’s Caterpillar House in Carmel, CA served as the set and a “bubble” for those involved, limiting filming to a single house to reduce widespread interaction. The black-and-white drama will premiere on Netflix Feb. 5, 2021 as one of the first movies produced entirely during the pandemic.

Social Distance

This anthology features eight episodes detailing different scenarios people encountered in the early stages of quarantine, ranging from humorous to tragic. Filmed remotely for the entirety of the season, actors set up their own equipment provided by the “Social Distance” crew and even shot scenes with their own devices. In fact, the first episode included footage from an iPhone 11 Pro. Closely following current events, “Social Distance” and its quick release tied together multiple perspectives of the widely shared experience of lockdown. 

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