Fleet Foxes returns to the stage

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For fans of Fleet Foxes, an indie band based out of Seattle, the past six years have been quite the waiting game. The band released its last album, “Helplessness Blues,” in 2011, but has not produced any new content as a group since, although band members have released solo-project tracks.

Yesterday, Fleet Foxes released a new song titled “Third of May / Ōdaigahara,” in addition to announcing the release date of their newest “Crack-Up” record as June 17. According to an article published on Pitchfork, a music magazine that includes an exclusive interview with lead guitarist Skyler Skjelset, the song reflects upon how Skjelset’s  relationship with Fleet Foxes’ songwriter, Robin Pecknold, has progressed over the years.

The indie music landscape has evolved significantly since the release of “Helplessness Blues,” but Fleet Foxes has not shied away from change. The track is nine minutes long and is the band’s most experimental song yet, with mournful and mystical elements clouding the reassuring sound of Skjelset’s voice.

Third of May / Ōdaigahara” is available for streaming via a lyric video that Pecknold released via Youtube.

The complete tracklisting is set to contain the following eleven songs.

  1. I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar
  2. Cassius, —
  3. — Naiads, Cassadies
  4. Kept Woman
  5. Third Of May / Ōdaigahara
  6. If You Need To, Keep Time On Me
  7. Mearcstapa
  8. On Another Ocean (January / June)
  9. Fool’s Errand
  10. I Should See Memphis
  11. Crack-Up

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