Flip or Flop Mini: Immune Builder Drink

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I don’t remember the last time I could breathe through both nostrils. Ugh, that’s right. I am sick. Stuck bedridden and with piles of work today, I needed something to get me working once again. So, after some research I found the solution to my cold-induced lethargy: The Immune Builder Drink.

Ok, ok, I admit, I did not find it; my mom did. Either way, I did end up drinking it twice a day for a week. At first chug I was… mortified. It tasted like the worst orange juice ever. The drink, made by Juicera, contains regular ingredients: oil of oregano, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, lemon and pineapple.

With a 100 percent BPA free bottle and only 35 calories in it, the Immune Builder Drink looks good on paper. However, in my fever-stricken throat I tasted pain. The acidic drink choked me and filled my tastebuds with confusion. I saw my short life flash before my eyes as they began to water. Nothing says ouch like the immune builder drink gliding down your flaming throat. Then something weird happened. I could breathe? I suddenly stopped coughing and saw good health in sight. This lasted five minutes until my sickness took hold again. Still, over time the immune builder got me as close as possible to peak health.

Drinking the immune builder was the worst part of my day, but it really did help me feel better and get out of my sick slump. Within two days I felt healthy enough to walk around and within five I could dance pathetically to a nice bop. So, try new foods and drinks even in your most dire hour. It may feel comforting to stick with Tylenol and lemon mixed with honey but new remedies do wonders.

Verdict: Flip

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