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Do good while watching a movie by answering the simple questions on (Photo/Kayla Rubenstein)

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc globally, the quarantine mandate continues to remain in effect. Check out these different organizations to see how you can volunteer during a time that can use all the help it can get. 


For every question you answer correctly on this website, the World Food Programme (WFP) donates 10 grains of rice. Paid for by companies advertising on the page, the grains of rice go to people all around the world. As a bonus, for every 1000 grains of rice you donate, or for every 100 questions you answer, send a screenshot to Key Club Secretary sophomore Imani Bodet to receive a service hour. You may even learn something new with the multiple categories, ranging from world languages to the human anatomy available.

Letter Writing

Also sponsored through Key Club, students can write letters to essential service providers to show your support for those keeping the world running. Send a picture to Bodet, and for each letter, you’ll get a service hour. Key Club offered a list of ideas for whom to write a letter to.

Make masks

Students can make masks for Future Health Professionals (HOSA), whose club adviser Dr. Diana Sood will distribute to hospitals. For every five masks made and dropped off at the Quick Family Urgent Care Clinic in a Ziploc bag labelled with your name and pl number, you’ll receive one service hour. If interested, fill out this survey

Singing for Seniors

Created by junior Sophia Hai, this organization does what its name implies. “What we’re doing is virtually bringing music, both vocally and instrumentally, to the residents of assisted living facilities in hopes of brightening up their day since they don’t get to be with their loved ones during these isolated times,” Hai said. To volunteer, check out the “Sign Up” tab on their website and fill out the form. 

Translators Without Borders

If you’re fluent in two languages, you can volunteer with this organization. From translating medical texts to translating for crisis response, your knowledge can help save lives, all from the comfort of your couch.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers: Transcription Center

If you have an affinity for history and/or typing, check out Smithsonian’s transcription service. By volunteering with this organization, you’ll help transcribe a variety of historical documents to make accessing them easier. From World War II diaries to a notebook detailing East African butterflies, the options available to help transcribe can keep you both entertained and engaged with the community. 


This website hosts different research projects powered primarily by online volunteers. Without a required time dedication, Zooniverse offers a variety of topics to explore and help contribute towards. 

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