How to stay fit while quarantined

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Using common furniture can be very resourceful for at home-workouts. (Photo/Noor Sukkar)

While in quarantine, the list of things to do gets smaller and smaller. It gets very easy to grow bored while inside and to fall victim to excessive snacking. That, and staying in the house all day, may cause some people to gain weight or fall off of their routine workouts. With sports cancelled and gym closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, even athletes could struggle with remaining in shape. However, it is not impossible to stay fit and active safely while in quarantine. Here are a few ways to stay active at home, with or without workout equipment.

Free Online Workouts

In the light of quarantine, many gyms and such have offered online classes. Streaming services like YouTube have always offered a world of workout videos, too. A wide range of companies such as Crossfit, Planet Fitness, Nike Training Club and Barry’s Bootcamp, now offer free full-body training classes. For yoga and dance, Corepower Yoga and 305 Fitness also offer online classes. Youtuber Chloe Ting created a 2-week shred challenge playlist on her channel, with free videos on how to lose weight, build abs, tighten core and arms and lower body workouts. Utilizing the time-off from work and school can come in really handy for these workouts.

Daily exercises from the comfort of a bedroom

According to CNN Health, by doing the following exercises in sets with reps, one could tone his or her body. A warm-up of jumping jacks, high-knees and marching in place followed by engaging activities like squats, reverse lunges, planks and kneeling push-ups sets up a good routine; a combination of any of those activities for at least 30 minutes out of a day should show sufficient results.

Equipped for fitness without the equipment

A setback for some people could be the lack of equipment needed like weights, but there are definitely ways to improvise with common household objects. An example of a muscle workout that would normally need equipment is bicep curls. However, it is very easy to find makeshift dumbbells around the home like milk jugs or a bag of apples, instead of traditional weights. Utilizing furniture creates makeshift workouts, too; by using a chair or countertop, one can do tricep dips for strength.

Overall, there are many at-home replacements that can be made resourceful in order to stay in shape. With freed up time, it may be resourceful to reach a certain fitness goal, or just to stay active while stuck in the house. This pandemic has limited many aspects of everyday life, but physical fitness can carry on as usual.

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